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Dreams Do Come True.


How I Manifested
My Dream Life.

At 18, I decided to leave home and move to Hawaii into the jungle to live in a natural & sustainable way. Eating fresh fruit from the trees, using solar power, water catchment, compost, and so many more sustainable ways of living.

In doing this, it brought me a greater connection to myself and the world around me. Being immersed in nature, the elements cared for me. I began to let go of limiting programming and tune into the magic of my mind.

With this magic, I let go of the baggage from my past and began traveling the world solo at age the age of 19. I can thank this to my willingness to receive guidance and abundance from the universe.

Learn How Plants
Saved My Life

In 2020, I had an intense traumatic experience where I fell 40 feet from a tree and broke multiple bones including my back, sternum, ankle, and ribs.

After the fall, I recovered quicker than ever simply by the magic of plant based eating. By consuming a large amount of raw fruits & vegetables, I was able to gain back all of the mobility that the doctors were expecting was permanently damaged.

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