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About Me


Ever since I was a young boy I have had a passion for creative expression. I took up sewing, art, filmmaking, music, drama, & so many other outlets that allowed me to be my true and authentic self.

It's part of my mission on this planet to help awaken the collective and be a catalyst in the unfolding of individuals stepping into their power through means of expressing authenticity.

Once we shift our focus and find inner wholeness between the mind, body, and soul- we can then access higher frequencies that will aid in the attainment of material things such as abundance, prosperity, physical items, or- really anything you desire!

The world is your oyster... where all of the things that you may desire already exist, in the form of energy. It's just about aligning yourself with those energies in order to attain the physical equivalent.

I can help you to bring yourself back to your natural state; which is being in alignment with not only yourself, but also the greater world around you.

Dreams Do Come True.


How I Manifested My Dream Life.

At 18, I decided to leave home and move to Hawaii into the jungle to live in a natural & sustainable way. Eating fresh fruit from the trees, using solar power, water catchment, compost, and so many more sustainable ways of living.

In doing this, it brought me a greater connection to myself and the world around me. Being immersed in nature and living in my own home. I began to let go of limiting programming and fully tune into the magic of the mind.

With this magic, I began to visualize my dreams and aspirations- by affirming them everyday, creating vision boards, & taking action... 1 year later, I became my own boss and saved up enough money to begin traveling the world and making money online.

Learn How Plants
Saved My Life

In 2020, I had an intense traumatic experience where I fell 40 feet from a tree and broke multiple bones including my back, sternum, ankle, and ribs.

After the fall, I recovered quicker than ever simply by the magic of plant based eating. By consuming a large amount of raw fruits & vegetables, I was able to gain back all of the mobility that the doctors were expecting was permanently damaged.